Read, listen and learn about the impacts of inflation as it hits the highest levels seen in a generation

Charted territory: Inflation playbook

Inflation remains the player to watch this season when considering the market environment ahead. Our experts anticipate inflation will continue to accelerate in Q1, with some moderation by the end of 2022 (still far above average levels).

What does this mean for the economy, the market and investors? Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame and Kara O’Halloran map it out in their inflation playbook.

Insights from our experts

As we continue to navigate this dominant feature in the post-pandemic recovery, our alternative investments experts are here with the latest updates and insights to provide a one-stop shop for inflation resources.

Research report  |  17 minute read

What’s driving higher inflation and what to expect in 2022

Inflation looms as the biggest economic uncertainty for investors and policymakers. We build a bottom-up scenario and break down risks in 2022.

Research report  |  6 minute read

A gloomy forecast for the 60/40; it’s time for alts to shine

Chief Market Strategist Troy Gayeski shares his latest take on the markets.

Research report  |  8 minute read

Perspectives on prices, policy and profits

Hear from Investment Research Director Andrew Korz as he outlines three key tenets for investors in this challenging environment.

FireSide podcast episodes

Podcast  |  1 hour 13 minute listen

The Caldwell Hour: Navigating this new market

Accelerating inflation, low rates and Fed tightening present surmounting economic challenges. The team tackles the unique economic environment we’re faced with in 2022.

Podcast  |  18 minute listen

Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame’s 10 for ‘22

2022 will be a balancing act between solid growth, surging inflation and policy uncertainty. Read our watchlist for 10 big ideas on the economy, the Fed and markets.

Podcast  |  21 minute listen

Inflation: What’s an investor to do?

Inflation remains top of mind for many. The team gathers to discuss what investors can do to combat rising prices.

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We haven’t been here in a generation. If this feels different, it is because it is completely different.

Lara Rhame, Chief U.S. Economist, FS Investments


Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

The 60/40 starts 2022 in the red

This week’s chart looks at the monthly returns on the 60/40 portfolio, which declined in January and faces a murky outlook in 2022.

Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

Balance returning after a decade of U.S. outperformance?

The investment opportunity set has changed in 2022. This week’s chart looks at signs of balance between U.S. and international stocks.

Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

For core fixed income, a difficult run gets worse

Long-duration fixed income has had a tough start to the year. This week’s chart looks at its declining monthly returns as rates have risen.

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