Read, listen and learn about the impacts of inflation as it hits the highest levels seen in a generation

Charted territory: Inflation playbook

Higher inflation remains at the epicenter of today’s economic and policy uncertainty. In financial markets, the diversification of the traditional 60/40 portfolio is facing significant challenges. So, what can investors do amid this new backdrop?

Our inflation playbook breaks down the key indicators we’re watching to help investors navigate these challenges and explore potential solutions. Access the playbook to watch interactive videos featuring commentary from Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame.

Insights from our experts

As we continue to navigate this dominant feature in the post-pandemic recovery, our alternative investments experts are here with the latest updates and insights to provide a one-stop shop for inflation resources.

Research report  |  15 minute read

Q3 2022 Economic outlook: It will be a grind

The Fed is once again faced with tough choices amid waning consumer sentiment and rising inflation. We examine key indicators to help determine if and when the U.S. may enter a recession.

Research report  |  15 minute read

Q2 2022 Economic outlook: Into or around the storm?

The economy has momentum as we enter Q2, but markets are pricing in risks as policy uncertainty, an inverting yield curve, rising inflation and pessimistic consumer sentiment loom.

Research report  |  8 minute read

Perspectives on prices, policy and profits

Hear from Investment Research Director Andrew Korz as he outlines three key tenets for investors in this challenging environment.

Inflation playbooks

Playbook  |  15 minute read

Charted territory: Deglobalization Playbook

The cumulative effects of a worldwide pandemic, supply chain issues and geopolitical instability are helping to drive a seminal shift away from globalization.

Playbook  |  15 minute read

Charted territory: Playbook for converging correlations

If it feels like your whole portfolio has moved in one direction this year, you’re not alone. Now, more than ever, investors need uncorrelated sources of return.

Playbook  |  11 minute read

Charted territory: Rate hike playbook

Our research team analyzes the impacts of rate hike cycles on markets to help prepare investors for what’s to come.

FireSide podcast episodes

Podcast  |  24 minute listen

The keys to the housing market

The research team tackles the hot topic of the housing market, the impacts of rising rates + where it could go from here.

Podcast  |  26 minute listen

Research recap: Q2 2022 Economic outlook

How will the economy evolve amid today’s challenges? Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame shares her outlook on inflation, housing, the Fed and more.

Podcast  |  23 minute listen

Research recap: Q2 2022 Commercial real estate outlook

The commercial real estate market enters Q2 with strong fundamentals, but they may be tested in the months ahead. We break down our CRE outlook.

We haven’t been here in a generation. If this feels different, it is because it is completely different.

Lara Rhame, Chief U.S. Economist, FS Investments


Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

Real yields rise to usher in new market dynamics?

After two years in negative territory, real yields are back to zero. Our chart looks at real yields impact on growth and value stocks.

Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

Stock and bond volatility jump together

Volatility has escalated this year across stock and bond markets. This week’s chart looks at daily changes in the S&P 500 and the Agg.

Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

Inflation wreaks havoc on traditional assets

Amid another record CPI print, this week’s chart looks at the S&P 500 and the Agg’s historical returns during periods of elevated inflation.

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