FS Thrive: Leadership lessons from the pandemic

Kyle Simpson, Director, Business Development, is joined by industry expert, Jennifer Mackin, CEO of Oliver Group Inc, to reflect on lessons learned about leadership from the challenges of the pandemic.

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October 19, 2021 | 5 minute read

About this episode:

FS Thrive is a new FireSide series exploring the aspects of a successful work environment and what it means to truly prosper at work, at home and in your community. In this episode Kyle Simpson, Director, Business Development is joined by Jennifer Mackin, CEO of Oliver Group Inc, to discuss leadership development in the post-pandemic age.

Transcript excerpt:  

Bernadette (00:04):

Welcome back to FireSide, a podcast from FS Investments. This is Bernadette Bridy, Head of Marketing here at FS. Today we are launching FS Thrive, a new extension. I’m joined by Kyle Simpson who heads up our value-add programs here at FS. Kyle is spearheading this new initiative from FS Investments and he’ll be hosting our new podcast series. Kyle, welcome to FireSide.

Kyle (00:27):

Thanks Bernadette. It’s good to be here.

Bernadette (00:29):

So Kyle, can you tell us a bit about FS Thrive and what our listeners can expect from this new podcast series?

Kyle (00:34):

Sure. FS Thrive is a collection of value-add programs and content that extend the culture of FS…our innovation, our creativity and our civic engagement to financial advisors and their clients. The Thrive podcast is one of those resources, which aims to educate and engage our listeners on a variety of topics to help them thrive at work, at home and in their communities. We work with a number of organizations and experts across a number of industries and we will bring different guests from those organizations to the podcast to discuss a number of important topics.

Bernadette (01:10):

That’s great Kyle. Can you tell us about your first guest?

Kyle (01:13):

Of course. Our first guest to the podcast is Jennifer Mackin. Jennifer is the principal and CEO of Oliver Group, a long-time partner of FS Investments. She is also the President & Partner of Leadership Pipeline Institute US. Jennifer is a recognized leadership development influencer with over 25 years of experience, and today she and I will be discussing some of the challenges of leadership development in the post-pandemic world.

Bernadette (01:39):

Well, I can’t wait to hear more of your discussion with Jennifer, and congratulations on the new podcast. Please, take it away!

Kyle (01:47):

Thanks Bernadette.

Kyle (01:51):

Jennifer, thank you for joining us today and welcome to the FireSide podcast. Thanks for joining me.

Jennifer (01:57):

Thank you. Glad to be here.

Kyle (01:59):

You wrote Leaders Deserve Better. It was released in 2020. Tough time to release a new book. But it was published by Forbes Books. And it’s a interesting story on them coming to you to write it. And so it’d be great just to hear why they were interested in you, why were they interested in this topic, and ultimately why you decided to write the book.

Jennifer (02:26):

Yeah, because there are a ton, thousands of thousands, actually, a lot of books out there, right? There are so many out there. So why another one? And that’s really what I asked when they approached me was the same thing is, “Why do you want me to write this?” Although I’ve been thinking about writing a book for many years. I have lists everywhere and little stickies and back of napkin stuff everywhere with ideas that I thought about putting in a book. So certainly been on my mind.

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Kyle Simpson

Head of Field Strategy

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