Read, listen and learn about the impacts of inflation as it hits the highest levels seen in a generation

Charted territory: Inflation playbook

Higher inflation remains at the epicenter of today’s economic and policy uncertainty. In financial markets, the diversification of the traditional 60/40 portfolio is facing significant challenges. So, what can investors do amid this new backdrop?

Our inflation playbook breaks down the key indicators we’re watching to help investors navigate these challenges and explore potential solutions. Access the playbook to watch interactive videos featuring commentary from Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame.

Insights from our experts

As we continue to navigate this dominant feature in the post-pandemic recovery, our alternative investments experts are here with the latest updates and insights to provide a one-stop shop for inflation resources.

Research report  |  15 minute read

Q2 2023 Economic outlook: Tipping point

Economic data remains strong, but consumer and business sentiment look increasingly shaky. Are we at a tipping point?

Research report  |  15 minute read

Q2 2023 Commercial real estate outlook: A dense fog

The correction in U.S. commercial real estate continues, with ultra-low interest rates and abundant liquidity coming to an abrupt end. The market now must come to grips with a world in which capital is more expensive.

Research report  |  15 minute read

Q2 2023 Corporate credit outlook: Déjà vu?

Macro sentiment around the path of interest rates, preference for risk-taking and the general economic outlook has had a remarkably similar impact on corporate credit in 2023 as it did in 1H 2022.

Inflation playbooks

Playbook  |  15 minute read

Charted Territory: Strong Dollar Playbook

The dollar has surged to multi-decade highs, complicating an already-challenged investing and policy landscape.

Playbook  |  15 minute read

Charted territory: Deglobalization Playbook

The cumulative effects of a worldwide pandemic, supply chain issues and geopolitical instability are helping to drive a seminal shift away from globalization.

Playbook  |  15 minute read

Charted territory: Playbook for converging correlations

If it feels like your whole portfolio has moved in one direction this year, you’re not alone. Now, more than ever, investors need uncorrelated sources of return.

FireSide podcast episodes

Podcast  |  47 minute listen

Market Madness 2023

Sit courtside as the Investment Research team evaluates their top picks for the most impactful market event of Q2.

Podcast  |  33 minute listen

Head to Head: A conversation with Top Advisor, Cheryl Young

Co-Heads of Distribution Kirsten Pickens and Ryan Robertson share their conversation with Cheryl Young, Private Advisor at Rockefeller Global Family Office.

Podcast  |  44 minute listen

The 3D Report: Q4 2022 recap—We won’t get fooled again

Ryan Caldwell and Lara Rhame reflect on the events of 2022, and how they’ll continue to impact the financial markets in the new year.

We haven’t been here in a generation. If this feels different, it is because it is completely different.

Lara Rhame, Chief U.S. Economist, FS Investments


Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

As rates reverse, a growth renaissance?

As rates plunged in March, growth stocks spiked. This week’s chart looks at the ever-shifting changing growth-value dynamics in recent years.

Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

Treasury volatility hits 2008 levels amid macro pressures

Expected Treasury volatility spiked over the past week. This week’s chart looks at the MOVE Index, which rose to its highest point since 2008.

Chart of the week  |  2 minute read

An income-centric market as CRE price growth falters?

Rising cap rates have challenged the economics for CRE property owners. But CRE debt has become increasingly attractive, as this week’s chart shows.

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