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Research report

The missing piece: SOFR’s place in the post-LIBOR puzzle

Read about key differences between SOFR and LIBOR, and upcoming milestones for SOFR’s incorporation into markets.

Research report

Election 2020: Polls, policies and market impacts

Markets are squarely focused on the outcome of the upcoming U.S. election, which poses significant uncertainty for equity markets and interest rates.

Research report

LIBOR reform: From theoretical to tactical

LIBOR is set to be replaced as the benchmark overnight interest rate by the end of 2021. As it draws near, we look at the potential ramifications for the overnight lending market.

Economic outlook

Q4 2020: Further to go

The Q3 bounce has been stronger than expected, and consumers remain resilient. But with concerns about volatility rising and income still hard to find, it’s clear the challenges of 2020 are not over.

under water
Macro matters

Meet the new Fed policy: Low interest rates for years to come

Read an analysis of the Fed’s framework review announcement, and what it means for investors now and moving forward

Research report

Measuring the recovery: Pressing pause

COVID-19’s resurgence in the U.S. has paused the nascent economic recovery. We dive into traditional and high frequency data to show how the pandemic is impacting economic activity and equity market performance.

Pressing pause on measuring the economic recovery
Showing 7–12 insights out of 72 results

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