• A leader in alternatives

    FS Investments is a leading asset manager that designs alternative investments to help institutional, advisory and individual investors build better portfolios. Its solutions provide access to alternative asset classes and top managers through a spectrum of structures, including business development companies, closed-end credit funds and operating companies. The firm is dedicated to setting industry standards for investor-centric service, education and transparency.

    $18.7 billion
    Assets under management (AUM)
    $17.6 billion
    Middle market direct originations
    $164 million
    Sponsor commitment to FS offerings Sponsor commitment refers to the amount invested by individuals and entities afiliated with FS Investments.
    As of 9/30/2016

    Our partners

    Scale and expertise

    GSO Capital Partners, the credit platform of Blackstone, is one of the largest global managers of leveraged loans and non-investment grade credit. Their scale and expertise provide financing solutions that can enhance a business’s financial flexibility, while seeking to capture opportunities for investors.

    $89 billion
    GSO Capital Partners AUM
    $361 billion
    Blackstone AUM
    340 professionals
    One of the largest dedicated credit teams in the world
    As of 9/30/2016


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    What are considered “best practices” for investment managers?

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    What is the adviser/sub-adviser model and why is it important to investors?

    The adviser/sub-adviser model is one approach to investment management. Combining the investment expertise of an adviser and sub-adviser can provide a dual layer of knowledge, experience and oversight that can benefit a fund’s investors. Learn more.