• FS Investments closed on more than $1.7 billion of middle market commitments in Q4
    and approximately $4.0 billion in 2016

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    As of 3/31/2017


    What is the middle market?

    The U.S. middle market is comprised of nearly 200,000 businesses and accounts for more than 47 million jobs. If ranked as a country, the U.S. middle market would represent the world's third-largest economy. (Source: National Center for the Middle Market, 2Q 2016 Middle Market Indicator.) Learn more.

    What is a BDC?

    Business development companies (BDCs) facilitate the flow of capital from individual investors to U.S. middle market companies. Learn more.

    What is a senior secured loan?

    Senior secured loans are a primary source of financing for private companies to fund their growth or day-to-day operations. Senior secured loans are generally the first obligations to be repaid from a borrower’s cash flow, before bond or equity holders. Learn more.