Matt Malone, CFA

Matt is Managing Director of Real Estate at FS Investments, where he focuses on the growth and management of our real estate platform. His experience as a securities lawyer and Head of Due Diligence informs his unique perspective on the industry. Matt serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the CFA Society of Washington, DC, and on the Board of Directors of ADISA.

The next downturn is here. How will CRE debt hold up?

In this note, we examine the performance of the CRE debt market during the 2008 global financial crisis (GFC), compare the state of the pre-GFC and pre-COVID markets and use this framework to analyze the potential impact of COVID-19 to the CRE debt market.
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Q2 2020 Commercial real estate outlook: A storm rolls in

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented dislocation in economic activity, thrusting us squarely into the unknown. We assess the current economic reality, the state of the CRE market as it entered this crisis, and what we’re watching as we progress through it.
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CRE in the face of uncertainty: Oasis or mirage?

With low rates challenging income and equity volatility picking up, investors may look past traditional markets to achieve their goals. Matt Malone explains three reasons why the timing may be right for an allocation to commercial real estate.
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Coasting at the speed limit

Solid fundamentals supporting the CRE market are driving price growth – but at a slower pace than in years past. Our Investment Research team explains why and explores other important trends in the CRE market, including the potential impact of mounting economic uncertainty.
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