FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund

FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund


The tender offer period for FSGCO is now closed. Please check back on September 1, 2020 for more information

Anticipated tender calendar

Q1 2020Q2 2020Q3 2020Q4 2020
Notification date and form availability date3/2/20206/2/20209/1/202012/3/2020
Repurchase priceNAV as of 3/31/2020NAV as of 6/30/2020NAV as of 9/30/2020NAV as of 12/31/2020
Deadline date3/31/20207/1/202010/1/20201/5/2021
Proceeds sent out byMid-April 2020Mid-July 2020Mid-October 2020Mid-January 2021

Effective Q3 2020, FS Investments has transitioned its tender agent from Broadridge to SS&C Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as DST Systems).

Process for shareholders who choose to tender shares

  1. Download the appropriate Tender Authorization Form.
  2. Complete the necessary sections, sign and date the form.
    • Shareholders who hold custodial accounts will need to submit paperwork to the custodian for sign-off prior to it being submitted to SS&C
      • Clearing firms might require additional paperwork. Reach out to your financial professional for additional instructions
      • LPL shareholders: LPL requires the Alternative Investment-10 (AI-10) form and mail their forms to LPL. FS Investments does not carry this form. Please refer to your tender summary document for additional information.
  3. Submit paperwork to shareholder’s financial professional or directly to SS&C for processing.

Where to submit tender paperwork

For delivery by registered, certified or express mail, overnight courier or personal delivery
FS Investments
c/o SS&C Technologies, Inc.
430 W. 7th St.
Kansas City, MO 64105

For delivery by regular mail
FS Investments
c/o SS&C Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 219095
Kansas City, MO 64121

Additional resources

Frequently asked questions

  1. How will proceeds be sent to investors?
    • Checks are sent via USPS and usually arrive within 7–10 business days after mailing.
    • Proceeds sent to brokerage accounts may take 7–10 days to appear in accounts.
    • Proceeds sent via ACH to a bank account are typically credited to the bank account in 3–5 days.
  2. Will tenders be prorated and how is it calculated?
    • Whether or not the tender will be prorated cannot be determined at this time. The fund has a specified number of shares it can repurchase each quarter. All valid tender requests received prior to the expiration date of the repurchase offer will be considered. If the amount of repurchase requests exceeds the number of shares the fund seeks to repurchase, shares will be repurchased on a pro rata basis.
  3. When will forms be available for to request a tender?
    • Forms will be made available on the Notification date each quarter. The tender notice be delivered to all shareholders via their delivery election and forms can be downloaded from the Documents section above when the tender window is open.


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