Working with the right financial advisor is a vital part of having a sound financial plan, particularly when considering alternative investments. This is why FS Investments’ offerings are only available through financial advisors.

How to find an advisor


Select a financial advisor in the same way you would choose other professionals. Research online or speak with family, friends or colleagues and gather recommendations.


Will you need guidance on a particular matter such as tax or estate planning or a business situation? Some financial advisors specialize in these and other financial areas. You should consider if a particular specialization is best suited for your circumstances and mindset.


Spend time talking to potential financial advisors on the phone or in person. Ask about what standards they follow and what licenses they hold. If you’re unfamiliar with any terms they use, or find something they say to be confusing, let them know. The goal of these conversations is to find the advisor whose style and approach is a match for yours and whose investment expertise and services will meet your needs for the short and long term.

Once you agree to work together, your financial advisor can help assess your financial goals based on your investment time frame and your tolerance for risk. Using these factors, your advisor can help you allocate your portfolio according to your financial situation, as well as understand the risks and rewards of various investments.