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ThinkAdvisor: New Franklin Square Fund Will Be Lender of Choice for Euro Corporates

January 14, 2014

Despite the fledgling recovery that began to take root in Europe last year, many European companies are still finding it hard to access credit. FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund is here to help.


Without sufficient credit, it is tough for businesses to grow, said Michael Forman, CEO of Franklin Square Capital Partners, particularly when the macroeconomic environment remains shaky. In Europe, banks, which traditionally have dominated corporate lending , are still struggling with the many non-performing loans on their balance sheets, and increased regulation imposed by Basel III is making it harder for them to extend credit.

As such, many viable companies across the continent are going to find it difficult to continue to fund operations, and this creates uncertainties for investors.

Keeping those companies going is one of the main strategies behind Franklin Square’s new fund, FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund, which seeks to generate an attractive total return, while also focusing on capital preservation, by investing in loans, bonds and other credit instruments of public and private companies, with a strong focus on the European and U.S. markets.

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