Solidifying liquid alternatives

In a market environment where it feels as if nothing is working, liquid alternatives offer valuable opportunities.
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Chart of the week

Could an investor vs. Fed divide drive volatility?

This week’s chart looks at market-based expectations for Fed rate cuts, which have increasingly run counter to policymakers’ intentions.

Chart of the week

2023 has seen an extraordinarily concentrated rally

Stocks have rallied in 2023. But this week’s chart looks at the massive divide between returns on the Big 6 tech stocks and the rest of the S&P 500.

Research report

Q1 2023 3D Report: You can run for a long time, but sooner or later…

Zero interest rates and quantitative easing have long provided seemingly interminable tailwinds. But 2022 and Q1 2023 prove we’re now in a cut-down phase.

Chart of the week

Stocks trapped in (an expensive) trading range?

Stocks have spent the last year range-bound. This week’s chart looks at the challenges they may face moving materially higher.

Chart of the week

Family offices to increase allocation to alternatives

This week’s chart looks at institution’s growing interest in alts; they expect to grow allocations to real estate, private debt and private equity.

Chart of the week

Treasury volatility hits 2008 levels amid macro pressures

Expected Treasury volatility spiked over the past week. This week’s chart looks at the MOVE Index, which rose to its highest point since 2008.

Showing 1–6 insights out of 67 results

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