Understand today’s essential trends

Understand today’s essential trends

Understand today’s essential trends

Measuring predictability utilizing quantitative analysis and modeling.

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Charted territory:
Mixed market signals

The economic outlook is highly uncertain. Our quantitative team analyzes what markets are signaling about a possible recession, and what false signals may need to be actively managed.
Research report

Concentration issues: A look at the top-heavy U.S.
equity market

Rising U.S. equity market concentration has played a key role in the stellar stock market returns over the first five months of 2023. High concentration could present a perplexing and challenging market environment for investors.
Research report

Modeling the end of the Great Moderation

The past three decades exhibited slow economic growth, declining interest rates and low volatility. Now we are entering a new era.

Margin Stall: Examining the outlook for free cash flow margins

Rising free cash flow margins have been the principal driver of stellar equity returns. In this report, we apply a quantitative lens to margin expansion and examine the ramifications of a trend reversal for markets.

Great (Cap) Expectations

Capital spending has begun a seminal shift as the challenges from inflation, global unrest and supply chain disruptions form a new backdrop for executive decision makers.

Charted territory: Deglobalization Playbook

The cumulative effects of a worldwide pandemic, supply chain issues and geopolitical instability are helping to drive a seminal shift away from globalization.

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Research content at FS Investments is backed by data from our quantitative experts and represents an informed synthesis between fundamental and quantitative research teams. Meet the authors and explore their insights:

Brian Cho

Head of Quantitative Research

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Lara Rhame

Chief U.S. Economist

Lara’s insights  

Andrew Korz

Executive Director, Investment Research

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Quantitative + Fundamental = Quantamental

The Chiron Investment Management team at FS Investments drives quantitative research with their proprietary quantamental approach. It’s an integrated combination of rigorous quantitative analytics and deep fundamental research that contributes to an innovative information advantage.


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