Cashing in: Utilizing free cash flow for equity valuation

With traditional measures of equity valuations near historic highs, we introduce free cash flow as an alternative basis for valuation.
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Chart of the week

What’s next for a rate-dependent stock market?

As value takes the top spot and growth fades, our chart looks at equity leadership changes in 2021, noting their correlation to Treasury yields.

Chart of the week

Strong economic growth or low rates? Both can’t be right.

Treasury rates remain notably disconnected from economic growth expectations. Our chart looks at the divide, why portfolio flexibility remains key.

Chart of the week

Equity performance increasingly rate-dependent

This week’s chart looks at duration risk within the equity market and why style agnosticism may be more important than ever in such an environment.

Chart of the week

Growth tops value (again) as rates fall

There’s been no standout growth-value winner in 2021. This week’s chart looks at market leadership and emphasizes why flexibility has been important.

Research report

Small talk: The case for SMIDs

We dig into the historical outperformance of small and mid-cap stocks and the attributes that make them uniquely well-positioned for today’s investing challenges.

Chart of the week

Style-agnostic approach important in fast-changing markets

With markets moving fast and furious, our chart looks at dispersions across factors and why style agnosticism may be more important than ever.

Showing 1–6 insights out of 21 results

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