U.S. equities: Between a rock and a hard landing

Despite the strong start to the year, equities remain stuck between the risk of further policy tightening and a painful decline in profit margins.
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Chart of the week

Amid recent market retreat, return expectations plunge.

Have bears taken over the market? This week’s chart looks at the roller-coaster ride for investor sentiment this year.

Chart of the week

Fed funds rate shows no sign yet of retreating.

Could markets be due for more Fed-driven volatility ahead? This week’s chart looks at market-based Fed rate expectations, which continue to rise.

Chart of the week

International equities reassert themselves

The current rally looks very different from the last one. This week’s chart looks at the composition of returns in 2023 vs. 2021.


The 3D Report: Q4 2022 recap—We won’t get fooled again

Ryan Caldwell and Lara Rhame reflect on the events of 2022, and how they’ll continue to impact the financial markets in the new year.

Research report

Q4 2022 3D Report: We won’t get fooled again

Periods of mean reversion have always been a positive for the Global Allocation space. Read more about why we believe one such period is arriving and the opportunities we see in the global financial markets.

Chart of the week

A slog ahead? Leading indicators point to a downturn

Data points toward a potential slog as leading economic indicators weaken. This week’s chart looks at why markets could remain choppy.

Showing 1–6 insights out of 62 results

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