Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame’s 10 for ‘21

2021 will be a balancing act of long-run optimism with near-term challenges. Read our watchlist for 10 big ideas on the economy, policy and markets.
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Chart of the week

At new highs, stocks increasingly split from earnings

The S&P 500 has hit a fresh new high. Are stocks ready for a pullback? This week’s chart looks at the split between equities and earnings.


A post-election discussion

Ryan Caldwell, CIO of Chiron funds, dives into a post-election summary and, along with his guests, analyzes how the election results may affect the landscape of the markets going forward.


Elections and lockdowns and vaccines: Are we there yet?

How the whirlwind of news headlines will impact the economy and markets

Chart of the week

State, local budgets a hidden economic pitfall?

Looming state budget cuts could slow a post-vaccine recovery. We look back to the Global Financial Crisis to see what we can learn about tomorrow.


Spinal Tapping into interest rates

Ryan Caldwell, CIO of Chiron funds, explains why “up to 11” is the perfect metaphor for how interest rate policy is affecting portfolio construction. Plus, a roundtable discussion of recent economic events and what they could mean for investors.

Research report

The missing piece: SOFR’s place in the post-LIBOR puzzle

Read about key differences between SOFR and LIBOR, and upcoming milestones for SOFR’s incorporation into markets.

Showing 1–6 insights out of 138 results

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