FS Thrive: Democratizing business valuation with BizEquity

We chat with FS Thrive partner BizEquity on the benefits of accurate, accessible business valuation for business owners and their financial advisors.

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March 4, 2022 | 10 minute read

About this episode:

How can advisors accurately serve a client when they don’t fully understand their most valuable asset? In this episode, Head of Field Strategy Kyle Simpson sits down with Jason Early and Mike Gola from BizEquity, a leading business valuation software company. The group discusses what BizEquity is doing to revolutionize the space, what drives them each day, and success stories from the field. Learn more at www.fsthrive.com and www.bizequity.com.

Transcript excerpt:  

Kyle Simpson (00:11):

Welcome to our next FS Thrive episode of the FireSide podcast. I’m Kyle Simpson, head of field strategy at FS Investments. If you’re unfamiliar with FS Thrive, let me quickly explain. FS Thrive is a collection of value-add programs and content that extends the culture of FS, our innovation, our creativity and our civic engagement, the financial advisors and their clients. This FS Thrive series of the FireSide podcast is just one of these resources. Each episode, we’ll sit down with interesting and inspiring people across a variety of organizations to better understand what they do, what drives them each day and what helps them thrive.

Kyle Simpson (00:58):

So today, I’m joined by Jason Early and Mike Gola, president and head of enterprise accounts respectively, for BizEquity. BizEquity is the world’s largest provider of business valuations, they valued over 33-million businesses. We hear from so many advisors and RIAs who want to attract and retain business owner clients, and luckily we have some great friends at BizEquity who are helping advisors understand how to best have those conversations. We cover a ton of ground in today’s episode, so let’s jump right in.

Jason Early (01:37):

We could use this, I know you I sent you, I think I sent you an email on it, but I saw on LinkedIn we could use this to promote your big Member-Guest win. I think two FS Investments’ people, you and Brian, winning the Philadelphia Cricket Club Member-Guest is a big, that’s a big win.

Kyle Simpson (01:53):

That is a big win for me and for Brian, my partner, personally, but I would say it’s a win for the area of Philadelphia and probably for the nation, because I think Brian has told just about everyone in the country that we won the Philly Cricket Member-Guest.

Jason Early (02:12):

I was surprised to see that on LinkedIn the way that I did, but I was glad I saw it.

Kyle Simpson (02:17):

Actually, I think I saw it on page-four of the New York Times, but by that Monday morning, I had gotten no less than 20 phone calls from people I didn’t know saying, “Congratulations, I heard you won the Philly Cricket Member-Guest.” And I had to start every conversation with, “I’m sorry, have we met before?” It was such a … But it was a blast, we had a really great time. So thanks, guys, for making the long commute from the suburbs into … Well, you’re not in the suburbs.

Mike Gola (02:51):

I’m in Center City, yep.

Kyle Simpson (02:52):

You’re in Center City, Philadelphia, and Jason, you are?

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Kyle Simpson

Head of Field Strategy

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