FS Thrive x HelloHive: Breaking down barriers

How a new kind of recruitment company is driving diversity and benefiting firms, all by creating more equitable pathways for early-career talent.

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March 8, 2024 | 40 minute read

About this episode

In this episode, we’re joined by our partners at HelloHive, the next-gen recruitment and resume technology company working to create more equitable pathways for early-career talent.

Ginevra Czech, FS Investments’ Director of Client Value Add Programs, sits down with HelloHive’s Head of Client Strategy Claire Schulz, Customer Success Manager Kyra Maryland, and Partnerships Associate Christiann Cannon to learn more about how their pioneering tools and initiatives are connecting diverse students and top employers.   

They discuss how to build awareness around careers in financial services, the remarkable benefits of prioritizing a diverse set of job candidates and how HelloHive is helping firms break down barriers to reach future motivated leaders where they are.

“I wouldn’t count yourself out going into finance if you don’t have a finance or an econ or a quant degree. There are so many other opportunities and really great internships and opportunity for growth in other areas in the finance world.” –Claire Schulz

Learn more at www.fsthrive.com.

Transcript excerpt

Claire Schulz: I wouldn’t count yourself out going into finance if you don’t have a Finance or an Econ or a Quant degree. There’s so many other opportunities and really great internships and opportunity for growth in other areas in the finance world.

Ginevra Czech: Welcome back to FS Thrive, a podcast from FS Investments. I’m Ginevra Czech, Director of Client Value-Add Programs, and today we’re talking about demystifying a career in financial services. How do we build awareness? What are the bottom-line benefits to prioritizing a diverse set of candidates and how can we break down barriers to reach future motivated leaders where they are? I’m really excited to be joined by some of our partners from HelloHive. HelloHive is a next gen recruitment and resume technology company working with some of the biggest names across a wide range of industries to create more equitable pathways for early career talent. We are lucky enough to partner with HelloHive through our work with The Equity Collective, a group of 27 leading asset and investment management firms dedicated to engaging, educating, and recruiting diverse communities of next generation talent.

I have in the studio with me today three amazing panelists from HelloHive. Claire Schulz, who is the Head of Client Strategy; Kyra Maryland, HelloHive’s Customer Success Manager; and Partnerships Associate Christiann Cannon. Welcome. I’d love to hear in your own words just a little bit about who you are, your background, what you do with HelloHive. So, Claire, let’s start with you.

Claire Schulz: Thanks, Ginevra. I am Claire Schulz. I am the current Head of Client and Candidate Success here at Hive. I joined Hive about six months ago. I’m actually coming from the client side, so I have 15 years in financial services. Most recently, I was a recruiter for an investment bank. I’m originally from Michigan. I’ve spent the last 17 years in LA and just recently moved to Denver. Kyra, I’ll pass it to you.

Kyra Maryland: Thanks, Claire. Hi, I’m Kyra. I’m from Dallas, Texas. I have a background, actually, in recruiting and tech, marketing, advertising and retail, so that definitely kind of helped me transition into my current role with HelloHive as a Client Success Manager. So, kind of working on the other side of things, working really closely with recruiters. I’ve been with HelloHive for about a little over a year doing client success. So basically, just kind of working day to day, troubleshooting, helping clients post roles, giving feedback and suggestions and things like that. So that’s what I’ve been doing here at Hive for the last year. I’ll kick it over to Chris.

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Ginevra Czech

Director, Client Value-Add Programs

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