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Rialto Capital Management, directly and through certain affiliates (collectively referred to as Rialto), is a real estate investment and asset management company that invests and manages assets throughout the capital structure in real estate loans, properties and securities.


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As of 6/30/2021

  • $7.8 billion in AUM*
  • 8,256 loans acquired and managed
  • 258 professionals with in-house due diligence capabilities and institutional knowledge across 13 global offices**

* Assets Under Management (AUM) is made up of the fair value of assets being managed and unfunded capital commitments.

** Represents information for Rialto Capital. The term “Rialto Capital“ refers to the Rialto family of companies, which includes Rialto Capital Group Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiaries Rialto Capital Management, LLC (“Rialto” or “RCM”) and Rialto Capital Advisors, LLC (“RCA”). Employee and office counts represent information for Rialto Capital. Offices consist of 13 offices in the United States and three in Europe, as of 6/30/2021.

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