Transfer an account

Transfer an account

BDC, closed-end fund or real estate income trust

If you own...
FS Credit Real Estate Income Trust
FS Energy & Power Fund
FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund
FS KKR Capital Corp. (registered shareholders only)
FS KKR Capital Corp. II (registered shareholders only)

Fill out and return the transfer form along with any supporting documents, if applicable. Your broker-dealer or clearing firm might require additional documentation. Please contact your financial professional or firm for more information.

If you are invested through a custodial account, submit the FS transfer form to the surrendering custodian. Custodial sign-off is required prior to transferring the account.

For all broker-controlled investments, please contact your financial professional or firm directly to access and transfer your account.

Interval fund or mutual fund

If you own...
FS Credit Income Fund
FS Energy Total Return Fund
FS Long/Short Equity Fund 
FS Multi-Alternative Income Fund
FS Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund

For all NSCC positions, please contact your financial professional or firm to transfer an account.

All others can transfer an account by filling out and returning this transfer form.

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