FS Thrive x Sarano Kelley: Access your potential

Sarano Kelley’s purpose in life is helping advisors achieve success. His secret? A hyper-focus on communication, planning and process.

About this episode

In this episode we’re joined by FS Thrive partner, Sarano Kelley, the award-winning speaker, coach and trainer to the financial industry.

Sarano sits down with Ginevra Czech, FS Investments Director of Client Value Add Programs, to discuss how to build a “Mega Team,” mobilizing authentic communication to help grow your business and how a hyper focus on process may be the ultimate secret to success.

“Money moves towards order and money moves towards control. Money moves away from disorder. There’s not a single advisor who’s going to argue with me and say, I would definitely invest my client’s money in a company that was disorganized.”­–Sarano Kelley

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Transcript excerpt

Ginevra Czech: I’m your host, Ginevra Czech from FS Thrive here at FS Investments. And today we are joined by one of my favorite value-add partners, Sarano Kelley. Sarano has a very impressive background and resume, but I actually think it’s more fun to let our guests and their experience speak for themselves throughout the conversation so we can really get to know them in their own words.

We partner with Sarano in a variety of different ways. He’s got a lot of different content that he is able to share, whether, as an advisor, you’re looking to improve how you’re interacting with your clients, your centers of influence, or perhaps you’re a recruiter looking to attract advisors and attract talent and really sharpen your communication skills around that message.

One thing that Sarano has been doing a lot of work in recently is this idea of “the Mega Team”. And again, I don’t want to steal Sarano’s show, so we’ll get into that in more detail. Really the purpose of today is to learn a little bit more about Serano if you’re not familiar with who Serano is.

Like I said, super impressive, super cool background. And then we’re going to talk about Mega Teams, and why the rise of the Mega Team and the need for a COO is super important. And again, Sarano, all of this, I’m probably going to just re-record. Frankly, this is just for you and I to set the stage, and then hopefully share a couple of takeaways for our listeners so that they can think about what are a few tangible strategies that they’re able to implement into their businesses today.

So, Sarano, I would actually love for you to introduce yourself—how you describe yourself. I think professionally, what are your qualifications? Why should we be listening to what you have to say today? But I’d also love for you to introduce yourself, introduce yourself personally. You know—what do you care about? What are you interested in? So, I’ll let you take it away.

Sarano Kelley: Well, thank you for this tremendous opportunity. And I do want to say that you and FS have been just tremendous partners. And as you know, I love making a difference in people’s lives. And when people understand my background, they’ll understand why.

So, you know, the typical introduction would include things like, I’ve been rated the number one speaker for several years running across the entire industry by the Securities Industry Association at the Wharton School of Business. I’ve had several television shows made about my landmark coaching book called The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days, and I spent two years as a media skills coach at the White House.

None of which seems like would possibly be the case for someone who began their life with a massive speech impediment. I did not have a minor impediment. I was unintelligible. And, you know, even at six years old, for those of you with children, I still couldn’t be understood.  And, you know, I grew up in the same neighborhood as Mike Tyson—which was famous for Mike Tyson, but also had the highest murder rate in the country.

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Ginevra Czech

Director, Client Value-Add Programs

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