Head to Head: Michelle Marquez, Marquez Private Wealth Management, Raymond James

Meet the Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisor managing wealth for some of sports’ biggest stars.

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April 17, 2024 | 37 minute read

In a new episode of Head to Head, Michelle Marquez (Managing Director at Marquez Private Wealth Management of Raymond James) joins Co-Heads of Distribution Kirsten Pickens and Ryan Robertson to discuss how she built an authentic personal brand, her inspiring work with children’s charities and the unique challenge of managing wealth for professional athletes.

“I think for professional athletes, it’s really difficult for them. I know that the statistics are against them. You see that everywhere. It’s difficult because they live in chaos. They’re pulled from their families and the have to travel alone and by themselves…And unless, as an advisor, you have the time to really dedicate—and not just dedicate, you have to devote time and energy. You have to have the patience to be repetitive. Repeat the goals, repeat what it is you said just an hour ago. It helps them stay focused.”


About Michelle Marquez

With more than 15 years of experience advising a diverse clientele including entrepreneurs and retirees, Michelle possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in creating meaningful legacies and the financial complexities that can accompany it. She has applied her specialized experience to helping entrepreneurs address essential needs such as cash flow management, employee retention, insurance and financing, exit strategies and wealth transfer. In addition to advising families and entrepreneurs, Michelle has extensive experience working with professional athletes.

Before founding Marquez Private Wealth Management in 2018, Michelle held esteemed positions at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management over 16 years, including Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor and Portfolio Manager. She has also served on the faculty of Merrill Lynch’s premier internal training program. Michelle earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from Arizona State University.

Transcript excerpt:

Kirsten Pickens:
Today we’re excited to welcome Michelle Marquez, Managing Director at Marquez Private Wealth Management of Raymond James. Michelle has not only made lists like Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisors and Top Wealth Advisor Moms, she also manages wealth for some of sports’ biggest stars.

Ryan Robertson:
In this episode, Michelle discusses how she built an authentic personal brand, her inspiring work with children’s charities, and the unique challenge of managing wealth for leading entrepreneurs and professional athletes. So let’s get started. We’re excited for you to hear our conversation today.

Kirsten Pickens:
Michelle, thanks so much for being with us today. We’re so excited to have this conversation with you.

Michelle Marquez:
Absolutely. Thank you for having me.

Kirsten Pickens:
Absolutely. Well, let’s just start with the fact that you are a very successful financial advisor. You’re a Forbes top women wealth advisor, you’re a top wealth advisor, mom’s list. You made numerous lists and rankings, and I would love to just understand how it all started. Was financial services always something that you wanted to do?

Michelle Marquez:
Funny thing is actually it’s not. I wanted to be a pediatrician was my first choice, and if it wasn’t pediatrician, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. So, a little bit about my beginnings, I come from very humble beginnings. So, for us, dreams and passions were really never discussed in our family. It’s about the next billing cycle. It’s about survival, it’s about keeping the lights on. So as much as I wanted to pursue that dream as a child, I didn’t really have the opportunity. But I remember I went to school at a Catholic school and right across the street was Wells Fargo, and at the time my mother needed additional help for income. So, at the end of school at around three o’clock, I would change and I would work as a teller right across the street. So, I would usually work four or five days out of the week closing the branch each and every time. So as far as passions, I wouldn’t say the financial services was my initial choice, but I’m glad to be here.

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