Research Roundtable: 5 for 2022 lookback

The Investment Research team gathers to reflect on 2022.

About this episode

In this episode, members of the Investment Research team, including: Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame, Managing Director, Investment Research; Rob Hoffman, Director, Investment Research; Kara O’Halloran, Director, Investment Research; and Director, Investment Research, Andrew Korz, gather to talk about the predictions they made entering 2022—and what actually happened this year. Plus, a sneak peek at what they’ll be closely watching in 2023.

Transcript excerpt:

[00:00:00] Kara O’Halloran: Welcome back to FireSide, a podcast from FS Investments. My name’s Kara O’Halloran and I’m a director on the investment research team here. 2022 has been rough in financial markets and I’m sure a lot of us are very ready to flip the calendar and put this year behind us. and in the next few weeks we’ll be putting out all of the content that you need to prepare for 2023.

[00:00:26] Kara O’Halloran: But before we do that, as much as we probably don’t wanna live through this year, again, I think it’s helpful to take a look back at what really happened in 2022, how it differed from what we expected heading into the year, and more importantly, what can the events of this year. Tell us about where we may be heading in 2023. So to reflect on all of that, I have brought on my whole team. So with me in the room are Rob Hoffman, Lara Rhame, and Andrew Korz. Thanks for joining everyone.

[00:00:53] Rob Hoffman: Great to be here.

[00:00:53] Andrew Korz: Thanks for having us.

[00:00:54] Rob Hoffman: Yeah.

[00:00:55] Kara O’Halloran: So I want to start with a game.

[00:00:57] Lara Rhame: Uh oh.

[00:00:59] Kara O’Halloran: You [00:01:00] guys know I like to play games, so I think a really common thing that we’ve heard in this obviously inflationary environment, which is all we’ve been talking about are the comparisons between 2022 and the 70’s. So our game is called, is this headline or quote from 2022 or from the seventies. I spent entirely too much time reading archived newspapers. So…

[00:01:23] Lara Rhame: Bell-bottoms are back in fashion, I feel like, and…

[00:01:26] Kara O’Halloran: So is inflation, apparently.

[00:01:28] Lara Rhame: Yeah. There you go.

[00:01:29] Kara O’Halloran: All right. So I will read a quote or a headline, and you’ll just have to tell me what year you think it’s from.

[00:01:34] Lara Rhame: Wait, are you going in an order or do we just call out?

[00:01:37] Kara O’Halloran: I’ll toss ’em to you. Okay. Right. All right. We’ll start. Hopefully we’ll start with an easy one. Andrew, we’ll start with you.

[00:01:43] Andrew Korz: Okay. Okay.

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Andrew Korz, CFA

Executive Director, Investment Research

Kara O’Halloran, CFA

Director, Investment Research

Lara Rhame

Chief U.S. Economist + Managing Director

Robert Hoffman, CFA

Managing Director, Credit Wealth Solutions