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Dude, where’s my office?

As WFH stretches on, the office – and office investing – take on a new look.

Commercial real estate outlook

Q4 2020: Separating the signal from the noise

While the commercial real estate market continues to cope with impacts of the pandemic, we outline performance expectations for key sectors and dig into the dispersion created by this environment.


CRE: Not out of the woods yet?

With challenges around every bend, read how investors are accessing opportunity in commercial real estate today.

Commercial real estate outlook

Q3 2020: Divergent roads

After a decade of strong performance in which property prices more than doubled, the commercial real estate market, like many other markets across the globe, was halted in its tracks by the pandemic.

Research report

The next downturn is here. How will CRE debt hold up?

Here we analyze the potential impact of COVID-19 on the CRE debt market by examining the market’s performance during the 2008 GFC and comparing the state of the pre-GFC and pre-COVID markets.

Commercial real estate outlook

Q2 2020: A storm rolls in

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented dislocation in economic activity. We assess the current economic reality, the state of the CRE market as it entered this crisis, and what we’re watching as we progress through it.

Showing 55–60 insights out of 75 results

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