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Lara Rhame on CNBC: Double down on the U.S. economy

February 13, 2024 | 5 minute read

“I’m going to say something that will surprise a lot of viewers: I think it’s time to double down on the U.S. economy. There’s a lot of room to harvest growth. It may be a little more challenging since public equities are expensive, so you’re looking now at private equity and middle market lending.”

–Lara Rhame

Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame joined CNBC to discuss where she’s seeing productivity gains and where gains may continue through the year. She addressed why investors may want to favor the U.S. over international economies, the potential opportunity in private equity and closing the gap between expectations for rate cuts and the latest signals from the Fed.

Watch the video to hear more from Lara.

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