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Video: FS CIO Mike Kelly Chats with InvestmentNews

Mike Kelly sat down with InvestmentNews to talk about what's on investors’ minds these days and how to address market challenges that lie ahead.

U.S. Senate Unanimously Confirms Mike Gerber for Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

On Thursday, June 9, the United States Senate unanimously confirmed Mike Gerber, a partner at Philadelphia-based FS Investments, to the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB).

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Senior Secured Debt Can Be Lucrative for Investors

US News & World Report explains the advantages and risks of investing in senior secured debt and the various ways for investors to gain access to the asset class.

Assessing a new starting point

Against an exceptionally optimistic economic outlook, we analyze previous cycles to understand what may come next for stocks.

Anatomy of an economic slowdown – economic uncertainty becomes a headwind

Softening data YTD and yield curve inversion have raised concerns that growth could slow more sharply than expected, or even contract, resulting in a recession.

U.S. stocks rise amid increasing economic uncertainty

This week’s chart looks at why rising global economic policy uncertainty could signal higher U.S. stock market volatility ahead.
Showing 31–40 out of 1266 results

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