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“Boy, that escalated quickly!” | U.S.-China trade tensions upend complacency

U.S.-China trade negotiations imploded, causing stock market complacency to quickly evaporate.

“Easy” is relative

The Fed has made it clear that it plans to follow December’s rate hike with further “removal of policy accommodation.” But just how much accommodation is there left to remove?


Why investors should take advantage of the second chance to protect their portfolios from volatility

“Overbloan” concerns?

A closer look at the current state of loan market trends.

$5 trillion later, long-run GDP expectations mostly unchanged

Despite today’s optimism, long-run GDP projections remain similar to those pre-COVID. Our chart sounds a cautious note for long-term investors.

10 for ’22 Review

Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame looks back at her 10 for ’22 predictions and grades how accurate those forecasts were.
Showing 1–10 out of 1644 results

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