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Chart of the week

Economists hike forecasts, but not for stocks

Forecasters turn brighter on the economy, but not stocks. This week’s chart asks whether stock investors need to curb their expectations?

Economic outlook

Q1 2021: Taxiing before takeoff

Strong supports will help the economy overcome the Q1 momentum loss and allow growth to truly take off when vaccines and herd immunity arrive later in 2021.

Chart of the week

Record equity inflows continue amid mixed fundamentals

Stock inflows reach a new record; are they divorced from fundamentals? This week’s chart asks if investors should reevaluate equity risk.

Chart of the week

At new highs, stocks increasingly split from earnings

The S&P 500 has hit a fresh new high. Are stocks ready for a pullback? This week’s chart looks at the split between equities and earnings.


A post-election discussion

Ryan Caldwell, CIO of Chiron funds, dives into a post-election summary and, along with his guests, analyzes how the election results may affect the landscape of the markets going forward.

Research report

Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame’s 10 for ‘21

2021 will be a balancing act of long-run optimism with near-term challenges. Read our watchlist for 10 big ideas on the economy, policy and markets.

Showing 13–18 insights out of 154 results

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