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Chart of the week

$5 trillion later, long-run GDP expectations mostly unchanged

Despite today’s optimism, long-run GDP projections remain similar to those pre-COVID. Our chart sounds a cautious note for long-term investors.

Chart of the week

Flexibility important as 2020 leaders become laggards

Stock market leadership YTD has been a mirror image of 2020. Our chart looks this year’s leaders and why active management remains important.

Economic outlook

Q2 2021: Almost home

Though pandemic-related challenges remain, economic optimism is in the air and growth is expected to surge. In Q2, we are so close to coming full circle on this unprecedented economic cycle.

Chart of the week

Stocks’ path higher in 2021 has been rocky

Equities’ rise this year has been choppy as investors confront new challenges. Our chart looks at stocks’ path and why flexibility remains important.


How will the “return to normal” impact interest rates?

In this episode, Chief U.S. Economist Lara Rhame and Director, Investment Research Kara O’Halloran provide an overview on the volatility in treasuries and long-term interest rates.

Research report

It’s complicated: Leveraged loans and the LIBOR transition

A deep dive into challenges facing the loan market as SOFR’s incorporation gains momentum.

Showing 31–36 insights out of 180 results

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