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Macro matters

Meet the new Fed policy: Low interest rates for years to come

Read an analysis of the Fed’s framework review announcement, and what it means for investors now and moving forward

Chart of the week

Tech powered the S&P 500 to a new high. What’s next?

Stocks’ astounding rally has been fueled by the tech sector. Our chart looks at tech’s concentration in the S&P 500 and what it means for investors.

Chart of the week

Economic activity and volatility both slow. But for how long?

Economic activity has slowed recently, and so has market volatility. Our chart examines this relationship and asks how much longer it can last.

Chart of the week

Slowing recovery presents challenges, highlights opportunities

Markets have traded sideways for much of the past 6 weeks after racing back in late March. Our chart looks at what slowing momentum may mean for investors.

Research report

Measuring the recovery: Pressing pause

COVID-19’s resurgence in the U.S. has paused the nascent economic recovery. We dive into traditional and high frequency data to show how the pandemic is impacting economic activity and equity market performance.

Pressing pause on measuring the economic recovery
Chart of the week

Dueling data leaves market outlook open to interpretation

Economic data as a Rorschach test? Like the famous inkblots, competing good news-bad news releases make market outlooks appear highly subjective.

Showing 31–36 insights out of 154 results

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