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Chart of the week

Valuations near highs – and investors expect more

Stock valuations and investor expectations have risen together over the past decade. Our chart looks at why this pattern is unlikely to continue.

Research report

LIBOR reform: From theoretical to tactical

LIBOR is set to be replaced as the benchmark overnight interest rate by the end of 2021. As it draws near, we look at the potential ramifications for the overnight lending market.

Economic outlook

Q4 2020: Further to go

The Q3 bounce has been stronger than expected, and consumers remain resilient. But with concerns about volatility rising and income still hard to find, it’s clear the challenges of 2020 are not over.

under water
Chart of the week

Chasm between stocks and sentiment grows wider

Market activity has been divorced from investor sentiment of late. Our chart looks at the mismatch and why investors might prepare for a pullback.

Chart of the week

Stocks prone to volatility amid uncertain recovery

Equities fell this week on the Fed’s gloomy outlook. Our chart looks at what a prolonged slow-growth economy could mean for investors.

Chart of the week

A narrow rally reveals many stocks left behind

Investors got a taste of what markets may look like if tech turns south. Our chart looks at the uneven performance of S&P stocks over the past year.

Showing 25–30 insights out of 154 results

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