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Resetting the opportunity in CLOs

Why these structured credit investments deserve a second look, even in today’s tight spread environment

Credit market commentary

Credit market commentary: February 2021

Bonds were tested by a sharp interest rate spike and declined slightly alongside equities over the last two weeks of February but remained positive on the month, returning 0.35%. Loan prices remained firm, as the asset class outperformed bonds, returning 0.59%.

Chart of the week

Credit markets a case study on the impact of duration

IG bonds have turned negative over the past 9 months while HY has moved higher. This week’s chart looks at the impact of duration as rates rise.

Chart of the week

Amid low rates, CLOs appear attractive

Relative value in the fixed income market? This week’s chart compares CLO spreads to those of HY bonds and explores how to delve into this market.

Credit market commentary

Credit market commentary: January 2021

Credit markets rose through the first few weeks of the month on stimulus optimism and firm technicals in the loan market. However, equity volatility weighed on both asset classes in January’s final week

Corporate credit outlook

Q1 2021: Positioned for strength

The backdrop for credit in 2021 looks favorable. However, active management remains key to generating excess returns and navigating volatility amid the continued impact of COVID-19.

Showing 31–36 insights out of 118 results

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