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Research report

The Fed and fallen angels: Steer clear, or follow suit?

We examine an opportunity in credit markets recently impacted by action from the Federal Reserve.

Chart of the week

Is now a buying opportunity for high yield bonds?

Are wide spreads a signal to buy? Our chart looks at high yield bonds amid the recent sell-off and compares correlation vs. the Q4 2008 sell-off.

Research report

Quantifying COVID-19: Impact on credit markets

In this note, we take a look at the current corporate credit market impact, the effects of recent Federal Reserve policy response and the best course of action we see for investors moving forward.

Credit market commentary

Credit market commentary: March 2020

HY Bonds and Senior Secured Loans each endured their worst month since 2008, ending down -11.76% and -12.37%, respectively, as the global rout in risk assets continued. Historically, credit markets have been resilient, performing well following sell-offs and rewarding investors for buying in at or near current spread levels.

Corporate credit outlook

Q2 2020: Perspectives for uncertain times

COVID-19 impacts on corporate credit markets

Credit market commentary

Credit market commentary: February 2020

The last week of February saw a global sell-off in risk assets as markets reacted to news of the coronavirus. Leveraged credit markets slid alongside a steeper drop in equities. The Barclays Agg benefited from its long duration, returning 1.80% as rates hit all-time lows during the month.

Showing 31–36 insights out of 86 results

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