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Chart of the week

Rising rates put the “40” to the test

As rates move higher, we look at fixed income performance amid rising rate environments, highlighting sub-investment grade’s strong relative returns.

Credit market commentary

Credit market commentary: October 2020

Credit markets remained positive in October, despite experiencing weakness during the last week of the month alongside a sell-off in equities.

Research report

Does duration matter?

We outline why core fixed income indexes are now much more interest-rate sensitive than ever before and offer mitigation options for investors concerned with heightened interest rate sensitivity.

Chart of the week

Rates continue recent rise despite sharp stock sell-off

Rates climbed higher this week while the S&P 500 was down nearly -5%. We look at the risk rates’ recent rise presents to fixed income investments.

Chart of the week

Even a small rate rise highlights bonds’ weakness

Traditional bonds have seen three months of negative returns. Our chart offers a cautionary outlook on bond returns in today’s rate environment.

Chart of the week

Low yields have broken the traditional “40” bond portfolio

Traditional bonds are providing little yield with more interest rate risk than ever. Our chart looks at the asymmetrical risk-return outlook.

Showing 25–30 insights out of 99 results

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