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Is private credit a bubble?

Private credit has grown in both size and breadth, prompting questions around the risks of the asset class and whether it could represent a bubble. We address those concerns in this note.

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FireSide: Answering the burning questions around private debt – Part 1

Private debt is a rapidly expanding market that has become critical for the U.S. economy and an opportunity for investors. In Part 1, we discuss the fundamentals of the market and trends driving its growth.

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Chart of the week

Private credit attractive to sponsors and investors

Private credit has become PE sponsors’ primary source of financing for LBOs and M&A activity as the asset class becomes increasingly mainstream.

Column chart showing private credit represents well over 50% of LBO and M&A financing since 2019, but only a small percentage of refinancing activity.
Corporate credit outlook

Q2 2024 Corporate credit outlook: Drafting down the straightaway

Continued economic stability has fostered healthy fundamentals in most leveraged credit, but risks are accumulating in loans to lower-rated private borrowers.

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FireSide: Q2 2024 Research roundup—Adjusting to the old normal

Our experts dive into their outlooks for macro and markets in the second quarter.

Chart of the week

Private credit maintains its healthy yield premium

Amid private debt’s massive growth, this week’s chart looks at the healthy yield premium of private credit transactions compared to public markets.

Showing 7–12 insights out of 218 results

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